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Some insist that individuals cannot repair their credit without waiting years for negative items to be removed. Don't believe them. Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair has been doing this for a long time and in that time we have found that through continually refining and redefining our strategies, we have secured methods that provide optimal performance. Although the details of the process change as new laws are passed and regulations are added, the underlying principle has remained virtually the same when challenging inaccurate or unverifiable information from a credit report. Here are the four essential steps that make up the process of cleaning up your credit reports. These steps are repeated until you are satisfied with the results.

Step 1: We examine your credit reports

You begin by forwarding copies of your credit reports to us from all three of the major credit reporting agencies..These reports are crucial for us to determine the scope of our work. We will also re-graph the derogatory items within your back office account in order for you to view, (as we go thru each round;) which items have been deleted on your behalf and which items we still need to work towards deleting on your behalf. If you do not have copies of your credit reports that are not older than 2 months, you can acquire your copy at:

Step 2: We develop a plan with regard to the dispute process...

At Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair, we will go over your reports in detail, in order to determine which laws we are going to use when defending the derogatory items on your credit report.. You will also be able to access all of the details with regard to the on-going process, 24/7 at our password protected customer service web site.

Step 3: Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair works your case

Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair begins to dispute your items by using its arsenal of credit restoration strategies and experienced staff to challenge negative items directly with the credit bureaus. At Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair, we use all of the Federal Credit Reporting laws that are stipulated within the Fair Credit Reporting Act and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission when demanding that the credit reporting agencies remove/delete the derogatory items in question from your credit report... As long as the tradelines in question, are out of compliance with the laws that are stipulated within the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which is happening 79% of the time (according to the U.S. Public Interest Research Corporation); the credit reporting agencies must remove the derogatory items in question... Depending on the number of negative items on your credit reports, this step will be repeated for each subsequent loop through the cycle...

Step 4: Sit back and wait for results

The credit bureaus have a "reasonable amount of time", approximately 30 days, to investigate your dispute. Within this time frame, the credit bureaus must verify whether the trade lines in question, are in compliance with the Federal Credit Reporting Laws or not in compliance with Federal Credit Reporting laws. If the credit reporting agencies cannot verify compliance with the particular laws that we just advised them of being out of compliance with; the bureaus are then subsequently required to delete the derogatory items in question. They will send you an updated credit report; whereby, you will then subsequently send it to us within 5 days of receipt, to move your case forward. The cycle begins again, as we aim to remove additional derogatory items from your reports, as long as these particular trade lines are out of compliance with the criteria or requirements outlined within the Fair Credit Reporting Act.