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Things To Look For In A Company


-- Some companies will not deal with you at all unless you provide them with a payment --

At Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair we Always provide a free credit restoration consultation for each and everyone of our clients; whereby, we provide an oppty for our clients to share with us their personal credit situation, followed by a full explanation with regard to how the credit restoration process works.. At this point if our clients wish to proceed, we will then begin the credit restoration process on our client's behalf prior to ever charging one cent for our services. In fact, we will research/review and analyze our clients credit report in conjunction with the Fair Credit Reporting Act; draft 3 letters to each of the bureaus; set-up our clients account on-line, (for our clients to personally log-in and view for themselves) prior to charging the 1x set-up/analysis/review fee. Approximately 24 to 48 hours later; subsequent to our clients account being set-up, the 1x set-up/analysis/review fee will be charged by our accounting department... .




-- Some companies do not do much work --

Some companies will only dispute a few derogatory items at a time on your credit report; however, at Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair we will research, review and analyze every single derogatory item on your credit report in conjunction with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, each time that we draft and mail out the demand correspondence on your behalf...

-- Some companies do not clearly state their guarantee --

At Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair, we offer a 6 month money back guarantee which is clearly stated within our Welcome Package...Fortunately, in all of the years of being in business, we have never had to provide any one of our clients with their money back; due to the fact that after the first 45 days alone, our clients our witnessing the largest improvment in their credit status.

-- Vision --

At the core of Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair, is a moral and ethical commitment to do the right thing for our clients as well as the right thing for our industry. Proof of our integrity can be seen in the high ratings and referrals that we receive from: the Better Business Bureau, The Broward County Chamber of Commerce, The National Association of Credit Services Organizations, Our Clients and the fact that we are Bonded and Insured. We are also working with nationwide real estate companies as well as some of the nations leading builders in order to assist their prospective home buyers to qualify over time for a home loan; as long as the derogatory items on our clients credit report are not meeting up to the criteria established within the Fair Credit Reporting Act.



-- Some companies keep you in the dark after they accept your money, making it almost impossible to check on your status --

At Ask 4 Premier Credit Repair, we provide our clients with 24/7, 365 days per year, online access to their back office account information. This includes a detailed breakdown for each account or tradeline on their report. For example, each time a tradeline or account is deleted on our clients behalf, we will indicate so inside our clients back office account. We actually re-chart the derogatory items on our clients credit report; whereby, we will list the name of the account, the account number, why the account is sitting on our clients credit report, action we took and results... Additionally, our clients will be provided with a bar shaped graph, as well as a pie shaped graph depicting the on-going results as the results materialize. The latter is in addition the on-going notes that are recorded each time any new activity takes place on our clients behalf... In sum, we want our clients to know exactly what is going on as opposed to being kept in the dark.